Spring/Summer 2019

Thank you very much for everything you have done over the past 4 years. Each one of you have gone beyond the expectations of a regular teacher. I will miss everything, from the “good morning” smile from Mr. Michael to greetings of every teacher as I walk through the hallway… Special thanks to Mrs. Choi for doing all you do. Your gentle and kind voice will be cherished for years to come. THANK YOU!

- R

Spring/Summer 2019

Much thanks for your dedication, efforts, patience, and care… We have seen big improvement in [our daughter]. We believe that the education, values, and discipline she has received at DCM will play an important role in her future progress!

- R Family

Spring/Summer 2019

Thank you for all the love, knowledge, and patience you’ve given our son and the entire class. DCM has been a true blessing!

- M Family

Spring/Summer 2019

A BIG thank you to Ms. Crisol, Ms. Jones, and Ms. Lisa!!
Our daughter advanced much more than our expectations without losing the fun of kindergarten days. We thank you for wonderfully taking care of our princess!

- S family

Spring/Summer 2019

Thank you for inspiring our daughter each and every single day. She loves all the teachers so dearly and smiles when she walks in every day to share loads of stories with you all. We are so glad you made all her dreams BIG and better person to be. Thank you so much for love and support.

- P Family

Spring/Summer 2019

Thank you so much for all the love, care, support, patience in nourishing our son. Discovery felt like home to him!

- Y Family

Spring/Summer 2019

Thanks DCM faculty for nurturing our kids so well that our kids are ready to spread their wings and explore the world and make it a better place. Agastya will miss all his teachers! Special thanks to Mrs. Choi, Mr. Michael, and Ms. Lucy!

- Panariya Family

Spring/Summer 2019

Thank you for the amazing home away from home that DCM has provided our daughter over these years. All the teachers are amazing and provide so much love and support and encouragement consistently to the children, it’s difficult to find it anywhere else. Thank you Mrs. Choi and all the teachers for the amazing environment. May God immensely bless you all for investing in these curious minds and precious little hearts so selflessly!

- T Family

Spring/Summer 2019

Dear teachers, thank you so much for all your love and attention you have shown to our daughter. She has learned so much over the past year and it shows every day! Thank you and God bless you for your service.

- J Family

Summer 2018

        I strongly believe that it takes someone like [Mrs. Choi]
(who is not teaching for the sake of making money only but has a genuine interest in our kids development) to develop the traits that my daughter is capable of showing. 

- Mr. VP

Spring 2018

In last 3 years, [our daughter] has really progressed very well under the supervision and guidance of various DCM teachers. Every single day she was really excited to go to the school and meet with her friends which she is going to miss going forward. But we are very confident that she will continue to make progress on the path DCM has shown her all these years.

        ... this is not the end of our association with DCM and we look forward to continue visit DCM regularly. I am sure kids will love that. We always recommend our friends to send their kids to DCM as we had great and long association with DCM and we always have positive things to say about the school. 

- Dhawalkar Family

Spring 2018

Discovery Christian Montessori (DCM ) is by far one of the best distinctive school for a growing and developing child. Based on a recommendation (or you could call it "blessing "), our son started his Montessori journey beginning in Pre-K3 and completing Kindergarten. We were fascinated with the continued excellence DCM staffs provided our son for three years, from complete care to undivided attention. Besides teaching regular subjects from science, history, math and language, more importantly they also educated him about God, His love and teachings through music, stories and various activities. Moreover, DCM taught him independence  (making a decision on his own, so to speak ), respect for others, while providing him with exceptional education, the Montessori way.
 DCM staffs have developed special place in our hearts for what they provided our son, letting him see his unique gifts and strength as an "individual " rather than just being a common student /person. Thank you DCM Teachers and Staffs. You have made a difference in our son's initial outlook in learning, which he will always treasure.

- Dela Cruz Family

Spring 2018

As parents, whenever we get credit for our son's achievements, we just say that our son has the best teachers in Kindergarten! Thanks for bringing out the best in our son.

- Mrs. R.S.

Fall 2017

Extremely pleased with the progress of my son . I am extremely confident he is in very good hands. He has developed overall skills apart from reading and writing.
... I will definitely suggest Discovery Montessori to prospective parents who want quality education and care for their little ones."

- Mrs. M.A.

Spring 2017

 Both my sons were taught in their pre-school years by Mrs. Choi - who I feel is a very patient and caring teacher. She took care of them and taught them every day, with a gentle voice, a beautiful smile and with a great deal of patience - as is needed with young children. I feel that as a result of the school's values and the Montessori teaching, my sons had gotten a great start to their education years. Thank you very much.

- Mrs. R.A.

Fall 2016

[Discovery Christian Montessori is] a very good choice of school. That school is like family to me because both of my girls went there when they were in Metuchen. The Stepping Stone teachers taught my elder one who is 13 now , when she was 2 1/2 and she is one of the best teachers she's ever had. Your children are in very good hands!

- Mrs. RCJ

Spring 2015

        Your school has been second home to [my son] this whole year and you and other teachers are his extended FAMILY. We will always be grateful to the love and thoughtful attention you showed him. You are the best teacher we can ever find for him in this life. [My son] wishes you teaching him all the grades upon college.  You made him better person!!  Thank you from bottom of our hearts!"

- Mrs. S.M.